An iconic spot in Iceland, the Blue Lagoon will be mentioned on any search for things to do in Iceland.  A man made lagoon heated by volcanic activity, the waters are the most beautiful color of blue and the silica mud at the bottom has healing properties for your skin.  Our review breaks out what you need to know before you go!


The Blue Lagoon is located near the international airport in Reykjavik and could be your first or last stop while in Iceland. (We traveled straight from the airport as our flight landed in the morning and we wanted to limit travel time back and forth from Reykjavik where we would be staying during our visit.)

There is on site luggage storage at the facility for this very reason.


Shuttle service is offered from the airport to the Blue Lagoon as well as to your hotel in Reykjavik.  This is the most budget friendly transportation option.  However, this did not include a door to door drop off to all hotel locations.  (We had to walk a block or two with our luggage to get to our hotel from the drop off location closest to our downtown hotel.)  It is also a longer ride through the city as the bus will make several different stops. Check with your hotel to see if pick up arrangements can be made if you are looking for a faster more convenient option.


Depending on what time of year you are visiting Iceland, daylight hours will vary. In the winter, daylight last from around 11am until 3 or 4pm.  In the summer, daylight hours are much longer.  (We visited in the winter months.  Arriving at the lagoon in the morning, we watched the most beautiful sunrise the comfort and warmth of the lagoon around 11am.)

Plan on spending several hours floating in the lagoon enjoying your face masks and adult beverages.    Time should also be allocated for luggage checking, changing clothes, showering after your swim and lunch at Lava.    Plan on spending majority of your day here to truely enjoy your visit.


There are several different package options to choose from when purchasing your entrance ticket to the lagoon.  The comfort package includes your entrance ticket, towel, one beverage in the lagoon and a silica mud mask. 

In our opinion, the premium lagoon package is the biggest bang for your buck.  The package includes your entrance tickets, a silica mud mask, towel, bathrobe, slippers, one adult beverage in the lagoon, reservations at Lava and sparkling wine with your lunch.  (Food at lunch is not included.)


Enjoy lunch at Lava with a view overlooking the lagoon activity. Many people were enjoying their lunch in their bathrobe and slippers so do not feel you have to wrap up your stay at the lagoon to enjoy lunch.  Try the mussels for a tasty appetizer and enjoy your complimentary sparkling wine with the premium package.



Although the milky blue water is great for your skin, it can leave your hair feeling dry and stiff. If possible, keep your hair out of the water or apply conditioner to wet hair before entering the lagoon and after your visit to help lessen the effects of the water.

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