I recently stayed at the New Otani Hotel twice on my trip to Japan: once at the front end of my trip and then again at the end. The hotel is very large with several different room towers, restaurants, bars and shops. My room was excellent on the front end of the stay. Located on the 11th floor, club level in The Main tower, had recently been renovated and updated. The amenities and toiletries in the room were great!  Equipped with a large walk-in closet and a large bathroom with a separate shower and soaking tub. A complimentary breakfast was enjoyed each morning in the garden room with an excellent view of the garden, waterfall and koi pond.

However, the assigned room at the New Otani Hotel on the back end of the trip in the same tower, The Main, was the exact opposite. The room was located on the 4th floor and was very very outdated.  It was like stepping back in time to the early 90s with large light bulb dressing tables and rotary dial phones.  The room had very few outlets and our phones which we were using as an alarm clock had to be plugged in across the room in one of the only electrical sockets. The bathroom was very small with a sneaky step up entrance, low ceilings and bubblegum pink tile. Two people could not be in the bathroom at the same time as the toilet took up most of the available space.

We did enjoy breakfast in the sky tower the last morning of our stay which had a unique view of the Tokyo skyline. However, it was quite a hike from our room in the Main to the sky tower for breakfast.  The Japanese are also very punctual. If breakfast ends at 10:30am, prepared to be finished by 10:25am.

Located within walking distance to the Imperial Palace as well as a subway station, the hotel is centrally located in the city.   We used the subway as our main mood of transportation while in the city and being a short walk from a station was very convenient.  The gardens on property were gorgeous. Centered around a large koi pond with a beautiful waterfall, the garden featured an iconic red bridge visible from the main dining areas of the hotel.

Overall, the hotel was very reasonably priced for Tokyo and in a central location but be careful with your room and tower selection!

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