Located on the Adriatic Sea, Dubrovnik is a a medieval city bursting with history and charm.  Seized and damaged during the Bosnian War in the early 90s, Croatia specifically Dubrovnik has become a prominent tourist destination in the Mediterranean Sea.  Check out our list of the top things to do during your next visit to Dubrovnik.  


One of Dubrovnik’s most recognized features are the towering stone walls, turrets and fortress towers surrounding old town. Climb to the top of the wall for sweeping views of the Adriatic Sea and old town. I would recommend visiting the walls first things in the morning as there is little shade while walking the walls and the heat can be extreme in the middle of the day. Or go at sunset to snap a similar picture as our cover photo.  Expect to spend at least an hour, preferably two, to complete the walk around the walls.


A bar built into the side of the cliff outside the city walls, Buza Bar is definitely worth a visit whether or not you plan on taking a leap of faith into the Adriatic Sea. It took some searching but we finally found the secret door through the city walls to Buza Bar. Follow the yellow cold drink signs to help in your hunt for this infamous spot. Perched on the rocky cliffs above the sea, there are multiple platforms of varying heights from which you can take the cold plunge into the sea. If jumping is not your jam, enjoyed a drink at one of the cliff side tables to watch the dare devils make their jumps. Expect crowds throughout the day as this has become a popular spot for the views and people watching, but do not expect this to be a good vantage point for sunsets. The sunsets are blocked by the city walls.


For the best panoramic views of Dubrovnik, hike or take the cable car to the top of Srd Hill. Enjoy a drink or snack at the Panorama Restaurant and enjoy the views.


Charting a boat through Dubrovnik Boats  is highly recommended to explore the surrounding islands around Dubrovnik. Our guide Mato was knowledgeable, friendly and accommodating and our boat for the day was spacious, affordable and luxurious. Given this as a private boat tour, we were able to spend extra time in Lopud, stop for cliff jumping, and slowly cruise along the famous walls of Dubrovnik for pictures. Be warned, the water is much colder than it may appear but worth a swim!


A natural cave turned bar at Hotel More is a truly unique spot for a cocktail. Discovered during construction of the hotel, the beauty of the cave was embraced and transformed into a bar with three levels of alcoves and seating.


Get lost in the narrow alleys of old town stopping to admire the clock tower, Sponza Palace and the Church of St. Blaise. Take a guided tour to learn more about the history of this beautiful city. There are also Game of Throne tours to point out filming sites within the city which served as Kings Landing in the show. Shame shame shame.


An upscale dining experience on the medieval walls and turrets of old town combines history and tasty food. What more could you want in a dining experience? We opted for dinner at sunset to take in the views.

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