Who We Are

We are The Mullens: Kai, Amanda, Blair and Lucy, a young family trying to make travel a priority with our small humans.  We will always provide real and honest feedback on our travel: the good, the bad and the ugly!  Our pictures and guides are based on our own experiences and trips.

Married for 12 years this October, our fire for travel grew after visiting Kai’s family in Germany.  Since then we have traveled to 26 countries together!  Some of our favorite adventures include cage diving with great white sharks in South Africa, hiking the Inca trail in Peru, glamping in the Moroccan desert, glacier hiking in Iceland, climbing the Great Wall of China, cruising down the Rhine River in Germany, white water rafting in Ecuador, skiing in Banff, Canada and cliff jumping in Croatia.

Now that we are a family of four, our wanderlust has been fueled even more by the desire to show and experience the world with our tiny humans.  Chasing waterfalls in Puerto Rico, exploring cenotes and Mayan Ruins in Mexico, wandering at the views of Yosemite National Park and conch hunting in the Bahamas were such big hits with the toddler that we can’t wait to add more adventures to the list!

Stay tuned for more adventures!